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I'm Terry Thomas.
I want to be your webmaster.

I'm an independent website designer and "jack of many other computer skills" located just South of Seattle, Washington. I've been involved in website design and marketing for 15 years and I am now hanging out my shingle as a one man web design company across the Seattle Tacoma region.

But web design is just the top of the iceberg. For every website out there a batch of supporting tasks had to be done before it went online. A domain name had to be chosen, purchased and registered. A hosting service had to be chosen and contracted. Domain Name Services (DNS) entries had to be made and propagated. The website had to be designed and coded. Graphics were produced. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should have been designed into the meta tags and copy. E-mail addresses were created. Back end scripts were written. Finally files were transferred and the site was registered with search engines and appropriate directory services.

I take care of all of these things for you, from idea to online.

Terry Thomas